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Pes Kits Atlético Madrid 22-23 Home & Away

 Hello friends, players and PES game lovers, at this opportunity, the admin will share Pes Kits Atlético Madrid 2022/2023

One month after the official reveal, the Atlético Madrid 22-23 home and away kits are now available to pre-order via the club's website.

The Atletico Madrid 2022-2023 jerseys are the first to feature the logo of the new main sponsor Whalefin.


Pes Kits Atlético Madrid 22-23

The Nike Atlético 2022-2023 home football shirt boasts a fresh take on the club's traditional white and red stripes. The Nike Atlético Madrid 22-23 home jersey comes with waving stripes.

Atletico has had never before such waving stripes - it is a first in the club's history. According to the press release, the odd striping on the new home shirt is inspired by the river Manzanares.

The back of the new Atlético 22-23 kit is mainly red with a navy panel on the collar area/top. The Spanish flag is printed below the collar.

Template-wise, the Nike Atletico Madrid 2022-2023 jersey is based on the new Nike 22-23 jersey template, which is used for all big teams in 2022-23.


Pes Kits Atlético Madrid 22-23

This is the new Atletico de Madrid 2022-2023 away shirt.

For the first time since the 2019-2020 season, the Nike Atlético Madrid 2022-23 away football shirt is mainly black. The accent colors of the Nike ATM 2022-23 away shirt are "Deep Royal Blue/Copa". Deep Royal Blue is a saturated blue, while Copa is a light blue.

Atlético Madrid's new 2022-2023 home and away kits were unveiled on 13 June 2022 and are available to pre-order since 16 July 2022.

 Kits Atlético Madrid 22-23 Third

Pes Kits Atlético Madrid 22-23 Home & Away

For the third jersey, it uses a light orange base color with a sponsored team logo and black apparel

Pes Kits Atlético Madrid 22-23 Home & Away

Pes Kits Atlético Madrid 22-23 Home & Away

Credite ; https://twitter.com/JU_kitmaker

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