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Arsenal Dls Kits 2023 All kits And Logo Dream League Soccer 2023

Hello DLS player friends, in this post the admin will share dls 22 kits arsenal 2023, Please select below which one you want to use.


dls 19 Arsenal Adidas 2022/23 Home kit

The Gunners don't give much thought in the design of their titular kit: red torso, white sleeves, button-down collar and boom!

All very much in the vein of the Nike jackets that the club wore in the mid-90s.

Maybe there are details and in that the applause stays on the neck, which includes a lightning pattern that also makes you think of the jerseys that the club wore 30 years ago. On the back, meanwhile, the name of the club goes in a typography similar to that seen on the exteriors of the Emirates Stadium.


Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
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Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
Arsenal Dls Kits 2023
Arsenal 2022-23 Adidas Home Kit

The shirt, as usual since the return of adidas, references models and elements from the 90s, this time implementing a button-up polo collar with a lightning bolt graphic on the white lapels that brings back memories of the 1994/96 model. The body is red, as usual, with the white sleeves cut off by a red underarm panel, similar to the garment from back then.

The shield appears in its official colours, accompanied by adidas and sponsor logos. The club name appears as a jock tag high on the back, styled to look just like it would on the outskirts of the stadium. The collar button also features the name, accompanied by the year the team was founded.

White shorts with red trim and red socks with two lines of white lightning complete Arsenal's home kit for the new season.

Arsenal Dls Kits 2023

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